Facial Massager – Makeover Your Face Quickly and Naturally

facial massage works wondersUsing a facial massager is one of the best things you can do to rejuvenate your face safely and naturally.

When you look in the mirror, are you happy with your face? Or are you concerned about sagging skin, wrinkles, eye bags or puffiness?

If the latter, you’re far from alone. But you have the chance to change things in a natural way that offers many benefits. I’m talking about a safe and easy holistic way to get your face glowing.

Facial Massage Magic

Instead of plastering creams and make up over your face, try an approach that will make your skin healthier from the inside out – using a facial massager.

Long a tradition in the Far East, face massage is a relatively recent practice in the United States and Europe. But that’s changing as more women embrace natural therapies and take charge of their own beauty regimens.

The Many Benefits of Facial Massagers

Long a well-kept secret of the hipper Hollywood stars and other insiders, regular use of a face massager can relax and tone your facial muscles and tissues. This way it can help restore the bloom and firmness of youth.

Regular massage offers some highly desirable results include lifting and firming loose, droopy skin, restoring natural skin color, reducing lines and wrinkles, and bringing definition back to your face.

In fact, by toning the facial muscles and stimulating the flow of blood and lymph, a facial massager can give you the benefits of botox without the need for injections.

How Does A Facial massager Work?

Facial massagers come in several different types.

The most basic type is just a roller attached to the end of a handle. The roller has bumps or nodules which do the massaging. You run it over your face and the nodules work on your face. Simple, inexpensive and surprisingly effective.

The next type up uses a simple vibrating motion to massage your face. A battery driven motor stimulates a head which you apply to your face. Sophisticated models have a range of heads with various sizes of bumps and nodules.

Ultrasound Massagers

Next up are ultrasound facial massagers. These use high frequency sound waves to massage your face. The frequencies are so high that often you can’t see or feel the movement. Their use is sometimes called micro massage and they are often used with creams.

An ultrasound facial massager offers a safe, gentle and easy stimulation of your skin and opens capillaries to help carry away impurities from your face.

Other types employ galvanic ion technique. These pass an electric current into your skin. Galvanic ion facial massagers are meant to be used with serums to rebalance and hydrate the skin.

Some models offer both galvanic ion and ultrasound modes. These offer great versatility and are well worth checking out.

Other types bundle a facial massage component with a range of massage modes such as general body and scalp massages. It does this with a range of attachments that can handle each body type.

Why Are Facial Massagers So Effective?

face massageIn today’s fast-paced and polluted world, it’s harder than ever to look after our skin. Each day our faces are assailed by harsh pollutants and we don’t give them enough fresh air and sunlight.

Factor in a diet that’s often unkind and add in the relentless march of the years and you can understand why your face and skin can look less than delightful.

The result is flabbiness and congestion. Our facial muscles droop and the lymphatic system that drains impurities out of our faces slows down.

Unlike other muscle groups, facial muscles are attached to the skin meaning they subject to the pull of gravity.

Massaging the face helps counter these problems. It tones the muscles so they can resist gravity. And by stimulating the flow of blood and lymph, it helps to detox and decongest the face.

Other than its direct effect on your skin, facial massage can also enhance the effects of various oils and creams by helping them penetrate deeper and so work more effectively.

The Relaxation Factor

IE033001Stress and worry can add years to your face. Not only do you frown more but also stress hormones flood your facial tissues.

Massage is one of the most relaxing activities available. Not only is the regular stroking movement relaxing but the act stimulates clusters of nerves around your face and neck that induce a wonderful sense of calm and content.

The result is a flow of tension out of the body. And the fact is the more relaxed you are, the most your inner beauty can shine out

Who Is Facial Massage Most Suitable For?

Though facial massage is beneficial at any age, it’s especially good for women over 40. This is the age when the skin starts to slacken. Skin slackening occurs for two reasons:

The first is the relentless pull of gravity. Young skin is resilient and firm. But as you age, your skin loses its youthful strength and suppleness. This makes it more vulnerable to gravity.

Secondly, the mesh of collagen and elastin fibres that anchor the layers of muscle, fat and skin that make up your face breaks down. The result is lines, wrinkles, fold and other miseries.

The good news is that regular face massage can help with all these conditions.

Ultimately, the experience is so natural and pleasant that anyone can enjoy it and reap the benefits. Massagers are inexpensive and simple to use so you can take advantage any time you have a few spare minutes.

However for fast and lasting results, you should set aside some regular time for your facial workout. I guarantee you’ll soon start to look forward to your daily sessions.

When Will I See Results?

If you start using this safe, natural treatment, you need to keep in mind that it’s not a quick fix. You should use it daily for 15-20 minutes and should start to see some happy changes after a month or so.

A face massager is one of the best devices to help you really take care of your face in a natural way, and in the comfort of your home, too.

Why not look into using a facial massager today? You can find great deals at the web sites of online vendors. They’re very affordable and will save you a fortune on creams and beauty treatments.